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When I go to work, I want to see how good I can get.

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There was a lot of risk, too, with Jack [ Jack Nicholson ] looking the way he did and me stepping out in this new way. Keen to diversify his work, Keaton starred as a psychotic tenant in Pacific Heightsas a hard-working cop in One Good Copand then donned the black cape and cowl once more for Batman Returns Has worked with all three of Tom Cruise 's ex-wives: He was also considered to play the villain Jack Travis in Lethal Weapon 3 That's all I really ever wanted to be, was good at what I did.

We were in England for a long time shooting at Pinewood and it was long, difficult nights in that dank, dark, cold place, and we never knew if it was really working.

I'll always stand by the first "Batman". He needed an alternate last name, so he went through a list of possible surnames and when he got to the "K's," he decided "Keaton" sounded inoffensive enough.

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I had taken maybe one two-day Shakespearean class in my life, so I had no knowledge. After nearly a month of working long hours toward a goal of 13,—despite Hunt's pleas for them to aim for the full 15,—the truth is discovered and the workers walk off the job.

Keaton's dramatic work earned widespread acclaim from critics and audiences alike, and Batman became one of the most successful films of the year. Steve Martin replaced him. He had a relationship with Courteney Cox from In an interview, he named Mr. Hunt comes clean about the 15, car deal.

One great thing about being an actor, too, is that if you have a pulse you learn something. I had to find a way in; I didn't really know what to do, quite frankly.

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Adam West did only one movie Batman: The ruse fails when the car that Hunt had supposedly bought for himself falls apart when he attempts to drive it away. I'm very secure in that. Just before the final inspection, Hunt and the workers line up a number of incomplete cars in hopes of fooling the executives.

Was offered the role of either Peter Venkman or Egon Spengler in Ghostbusters but turned down both roles, which went to Bill Murray and Harold Ramisrespectively.

BeetlejuiceBatman and Batman Returns The Japanese executive in charge of the plant is Takahara "Kaz" Kazuhiro, who has been a failure in his career thus far because he is too lenient on his workers. Gung Ho (released in Australia as Working Class Man) is a American comedy film directed by Ron Howard and starring Michael Keaton.

The story portrayed the takeover of an American car plant by a Japanese corporation (although the title is an Americanized Chinese expression, for "work" and "together"). Most of the movie was filmed on location in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area with.

Mar 14,  · "Gung Ho" is advertised as a clash of cultures after the Japanese reopen the automobile factory in a small Pennsylvania town. That sounded promising. I guess I was hoping for one of those movies made out of loving attention to detail, in which we and the Japanese would both be treated like eccentric laboratory specimens.

What I got was a disappointment, a movie in which the Japanese are 2/5.

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